Reliable Water Leak Detection Services in Northern New Jersey

  • Did you know that on average, a leaking faucet can add as much as $50 to your monthly water bill?

  • …and that a broken toilet flapper will cost you another $50 or so?

  • Or that your sewer charges are affected by your household water consumption, including those that you lost in the leak and didn’t actually use?

Yes, those small, tiny droplets of water that flows and leaks from your faucets, pipes and toilets can all add up – one little drip at a time – and cause your monthly water bills to skyrocket – costing you an extra hundred dollars or more in a month depending on how much water is wasted.

And you don’t want to pay for water that you didn’t use, do you? Nobody does. That’s just unfair.

If you think that you have a leak somewhere in your pipes plumbing system, it’s time to put your worries and doubts to rest by contacting Advanced Professionals Plumbing right away. Our professional team of expert plumbers can help you find the leak right at its source and deal with the problem before it drains your pockets.

Quality Water Leak Repair Services in New Jersey

No, we don’t just put our ears to the ground and point out to you where the leak is. We don’t rely on trial and error water leak detection methods, and we don’t tear up your place just to find the leaks. We don’t do guesswork that leads to unnecessary, ineffective and costly excavations. That was never our style, and never will be.

Our company has professionally trained plumbing technicians who are well-trained and adept at detecting water leaks accurately with our state of the art precision equipments.

We are equipped with the best technologies available, and updated with the latest know-how in:

  • Water leak detection and effective plumbing repairs
  • Plumbing installations that does not result in leaks
  • Plumbing maintenance to help prevent leaks from starting
  • Water line replacement & repairs for aged and pipes

It’s frustrating to be paying for water that you didn’t use, and equally frustrating is to know that you have a leak, but not know where. Let us help relieve you of these frustrations. We are more than capable of locating leaks in any pipes and parts of your property – be it under the floors, behind the wall, seeping under the cement slab or even “somewhere” in the yard -no matter how concealed it is, we will find that leak for you.

Quick and Accurate Plumbing Repairs

Leaks can start small, but it is only a matter of time before they burst into a full-blown disaster. Don’t wait until this happens. When you notice unexplainable moisture on the floor or basement, hear hissing or whooshing sounds on the pipes, or see water bubbling from the slabs, be sure to give us a ring or send us a message online and we’ll drive to your property right away.

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We’ve serviced numerous homes in New Jersey for years, and we’ve always prided ourselves for our quick response to every emergency plumbing calls we have received throughout those times – and we’re not about to change that.

We are known for our timely and professional services, and we plan to maintain that image for as long as we are here. We are committed to providing unequaled service and unparalleled professionalism to all our customers in Northern New Jersey. These qualities, together with our reasonable prices, are what made our customers trust us with all their plumbing needs, from leak detection to repairs and maintenance and beyond, such as commercial plumbing.

We find leaks, and we find them FAST!

Don’t let those leaky pipes and dripping faucets drain the money out of your pockets! At the first sign of drips and leaks, contact Advanced Professionals Plumbing at 201-367-1754 or send us an email to schedule a visit or to request a quote today and allow us to help you save your hard-earned cash for the more important things in life.