Water Restoration Services in New Jersey

Experiencing water damage is quite devastating – let alone health hazardous. Unlike any other kind of plumbing issues, water damages give imminent threat to you and your family. Think about the dangers of electrocution, floating chemicals that can cause permanent damage to you and your appliances, and not to mention the diseases that come along with the water.  It’s in cases like these where you need to contact the experts.  Advanced Professional Plumbing has had a plethora of experience in dealing with water restoration and mold remediation.

While you’re waiting for us to arrive, here are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you and your family remain safe while you prevent further unnecessary damage that the water damage has caused.

  • Try to ventilate the wet areas as much as possible. If you have wet drawers and cabinets, you have to open them to allow better ventilation. This helps in drying your wet belongings and avoids further damage.

  • Dry your wet flooring by mopping or using large bath towel for blotting.

  • Make sure that your appliances are unplugged and aren’t turned on.

  • Wipe your furniture as much as possible to prevent further damage and remove moisture.

  • Transfer your important and memorable belongings to a dry and safe place.

  • Wear boots to avoid slipping.

  • Remove breakable items

  • Be sure to remove newspapers or any type of printed materials from the wet area. It can cause ink stains on your flooring or walls.

Here are the things that you should NEVER DO!

  • Don’t use vacuum cleaners or any type of electrical appliances.
  • Don’t just sit and wait. You need to take action the soonest time possible. The longer your belongings are wet, the more damages will be incurred.
  • Don’t wear slippers when your area is still flooded with water and you know that chemicals are present in that area.
  • Do not walk on wet carpet (as much as possible). Doing so will just damage the carpet even more.

Doing the tips mentioned above will help quicken your water restoration and prevent further unnecessary damages to your belongings.

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Mold Remediation in New Jersey

Depending on how long the water damage has been made, we may be able to put your house to its pre-loss condition. Our certified experts can further dry your home or office removing moisture that will almost always likely cause molds.

Here are some of the things that our experts can do:

  • Identify and monitor mold growth.
  • Trace and identify the source moisture so as to prevent it from causing more molds.
  • Fully dry the wet or moist materials.
  • Contain damage and mitigate the risks.

Here’s why our clients love to work with us when they need help with mold remediation.

  • They know EXACTLY how much they’ll pay before we start the job.
  • Our services are priced fairly and are very affordable.
  • We get to them the soonest time possible from the time we receive their calls.
  • We are very professional and pleasant to deal with.
  • We do a fantastic job at removing molds and making sure that it doesn’t come back.
  • We have the nifty tools needed to get the job done.

Just when you think that mold remediation is such a hassle task to deal with, we at Advanced Professional Plumbing in New Jersey will make it easy for you. Call us now to request for a quote for any plumbing and restoration services at 201-367-1754. Or you can email us .