Taking care of your home plumbing system during the winter

Proper maintenance and precautions can safe guard you from major plumbing issues. A few things like checking for leaks, slow flowing drains and fixing them can help you stay away from dealing with major issues. If you find out small leaks in your faucet or pipes then get it fixed as soon as possible. To prevent flooding it is necessary to repair these small leaks. Wet walls and mold are other signs of leak which need to be investigated by a professional. Taking care of your plumbing over the months of winter is also essential to keep the system intact and trouble free. Insulating the pipes, that are outside, before the winter is necessary to save it from breaking, bursting or cracking. It is important to drain all water from the exterior pipes by shutting water flow and draining the water from the faucet. Exterior plumbing system includes garden hose, irrigation pipes etc. A faucet cover is good for insulation and will protect all your outdoor faucets from freezing.

Check if you have any exposed pipes if so insulate it and make it weather proof which will prevent it from freezing and causing unpleasant plumbing problems. Most of the plumbing repairs arise during the winter mainly due to freezing of the pipes which can be avoided by insulating them with heat tapes or by thawing them. You should also keep your indoor pipes warm to prevent them from freezing. Opening the faucet frequently and letting water to flow will prevent it from freezing.