Video inspecting your plumbing system

Diagnosing a plumbing issue in the pipeline is a very difficult procedure if done in the traditional way. Finding out the accurate location is difficult under traditional methods and will lead to extensive property damage, waste of time and higher cost. Reputed and well established drain and plumbing companies now adopt video inspection methods which have simplified the process making it faster, cheaper and convenient to diagnose plumbing issues. Once the problem is identified and the exact location marked the plumber can easily provide a solution by using the appropriate tool and methods to solve the problem effectively. Different situations like mineral build up, block from tree root intrusion, damaged pipes etc. require different repair methods so a video inspection will help you choose the right method.

There are different models of cameras for video inspection. You even get a do it yourself camera kit that is very easy to use on your own to find out the problem inside the pipelines of your home plumbing system. The camera can also be used to check your HVAC system ducts and other remotely accessible areas. Some drain problems even after repair recurs for instance clogs due to root encroachment won’t be solved unless you remove them completely. To solve the problem you need to carry out a video inspection and find out the exact location. The camera requires long cable and is made waterproof. You can also use it to pull out valuable objects like jewellery that has accidentally slipped inside.