Water jetting Drain cleaning methods

Drain cleaning is a common plumbing procedure and every home owner should know about the different drain cleaning methods so that they will be able to make the right decision. The most popular options now available are the water jetting and the chemical cleaning methods. Jetting is the most ideal and trouble free option that has become the most preferred method over the last few years for cleaning drains and sewer pipe lines. Not all plumbing companies provide this service as it requires special equipments for carrying out the method. Since this method does not use chemicals it is considered to be a safer and healthier option for cleaning drains and sewer pipelines. A high pressure jetting machine is used to clean the drain pipes. The pressure forces out all the dirt, grease and other impurities from the pipes. Even tough clogs can be removed by this method of drain cleaning.

Since the method does not use chemicals it does not harm the environment. No chemicals are passed on to the sea and lake if this method is adopted. It is ideal to clean all kinds of drains. Sludge, roots, grease, sediments and all other kinds of impurities can be washed and cleaned thoroughly through this method. If you have a clogged drain then the plumber may suggest for a video inspection. A small video will be passed through the pipe which will help to find out the right place of the damage or clog thus helping it easier to fix the problem.